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    Raceface Next R Wheelset

    The Raceface Next R wheelset comes in two flavors. 31 or 36. These numbers refer to the inner width of the rim. There is an argument to be made that one is better than the other for tire profile. Everyone has a preference and it's why brands make more than one product.

    One of the owners of Skyride actually wrote a pretty lengthy article comparing Aluminum and Carbon wheels. This article was written for and can be found right HERE

    It goes into pretty good detail on what your experience could be on either one. This article will guide you through whether it's something you might want or not.

    We have had the luxury of spending the last couple of seasons on the Raceface NextR Wheels. Most of the options on the market right now can be pushed to it's limits and beyond. Its all about how the situation is handled after your in trouble.Raceface offers a two year "No Questions asked" Guarantee. This covers you only on the prebuilt wheel packages. It goes beyond rim breaks, any hub concerns are also covered. Raceface has your back, for two years anyways.

    This is an article written by Noah Bodman who rode and raced the NextR wheels for about 4 months and gives a great breakdown of his experience. usually has some of the best detail with their reviews. I've attached their review HERE to see what they have to say.

    Bottom line - Like any product we have pushed though the paces, a great part of the decision making process for us to ride and sell this product is: -After purhcase support, will they stand behind their product and help us take care of our customers? -R&D terrain, was this a prouduct designed and tested in the rolling hills of California or in our backyard where we will demand it performs on our home court. We have been very satisfied with the NextR wheelsets but wouldn't mind the price getting a little more competitive with competitors.

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